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[01 Sep 2010|09:55pm]


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This thing on? [15 Jul 2008|05:44pm]

Just curious, what news source(s) are you relying on in this post-No Depression world?
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[19 Apr 2008|12:05am]

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is back! They've got a new album coming out this summer and played a great set this evening in Lawrence. More photos here.
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No Depression is folding [19 Feb 2008|02:02pm]

The print version of No Depression is calling it quits. The May/June issue will be the last. According to a letter posted on ND's site, they will continue to publish online.

Can't say I'm surprised, but it's still too bad to see them go.
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Son Volt about to be on HDnet [17 Feb 2008|05:31pm]

I just noticed that "Son Volt Live/Okemah ..." is set to start at 5:35 central time on HDnet. They rerun things fairly regularly as well--
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Banjo players needed [02 Feb 2008|01:34am]

Hey.. do you play banjo?

I need a banjo part for "Black Mountain Poets" a song I'm working on. If you want to take a stab at it, please email me at Osmun79@yahoo.com and I will send you the file.
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All girl string band [15 Jan 2008|10:05am]

Thank you to WYCE in Grand Rapids, MI for nominating Nobody's Darlin' for a 2008 Jammie Award!

We still have a few cd's left.....so in honor of our achivement- we have discounted the selling price for one week! Instead of $12.97, we've knocked it down to a mere 9 bucks. So if you haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, now is the time.

NOBODY'S DARLIN': This World Is Not My Home
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New music.. [17 Dec 2007|01:56pm]


Hi all, I'm a 28 yr old amateur musician testing the waters to see if anyone digs my music. If you like Sufjan Stevens, Richard Buckner, and older folk-rock you might like my stuff!

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[03 Dec 2007|06:53pm]

Does anyone have an mp3 of nelly mckay - the dog song or peter, paul & mary - blue? please please please e-mail them to me! and also, if you have an reccomendations for any other songs about dogs? thank you! <3

oh yeah, p.s. these are the songs i have so far...

cat stevens - i love my dog
harry nilsson - the puppy song
neil young - old king
joanna newsom - sadie
nick drake - black eyed dog
nina nastasia - its a dogs life
nina nastasia - a love song
be good tanyas - dogsong (sleep dog lullaby)
vashti bunyan - jog along bess

and then also, im searching for one of my favorite songs that i lost when my old computer shit the bed. i know its a fat chance, but if any of you have an mp3 of there aint no god for dogs by milla, i would sell my soul for it!
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[05 Sep 2007|11:20am]

We have a limited number of cd's left... see cdbaby.com for more info.
I love that site!

NOBODY&apos;S DARLIN&apos;: This World Is Not My Home
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Blue Mountain reunites [10 Apr 2007|11:39pm]

Cary Hudson has announced on his MySpace blog that Blue Mountain will reunite for a few shows this summer.

So far the gigs include:

Twangfest in St. Louis in June

Proud Larry's in Oxford in June

Schuba's in Chicago in June
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SonVolt/Isbell tour [06 Apr 2007|03:32pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anybody been to one of the SonVolt/ Jason Isbell shows yet? Just wondering about the setlistsand length of the shows. I'm going on Monday at First Ave. in Minneapolis.

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Information links about our friend [22 Feb 2007|06:34pm]

broadcasting now - Scallywag Radio tribute to Kirk Rundstrom

also includes a few articles about Kirk as well.

Memorial Service will be held :
Monday, Feb. 26, 2007
@ The Orpheum Theater,
1st & Broadway, Wichita, KS. 1pm
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Richard Kirk Rundstrom [22 Feb 2007|10:55am]

Mr. Rundstrom passed away last night.
His legacy will never fade.

Godspeed, my friend.

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mr. rundstrom [14 Feb 2007|12:21am]

i'm sure most of you are looking forward to upcoming Split Lip Rayfield and/or Scroat Belly shows, but for the meantime, things are looking pretty slim.

the boys of SLR did a 4 show, 6-day week, last week, that wore them out. kirk, especially. he will have to catch up on some much needed rest, and for the meantime, shows will be put on hold until further notice.

if you are hoping to purchase tickets for upcoming shows, or already have, please check your local listings for updated information in the near future.
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hello to all! [08 Feb 2007|08:17pm]

first off, thank you for allowing me to join your community.  much obliged. 

second, SLR is touring KY and OH over the next couple days, hope you guys enjoy the shows.  make those fellas feel warm and welcome in this cold feb. weather.

personally, i'll be happy to have them home so i get a guitar teacher and drinkin buddy back.

third, cash ain't the only green those fellas like!!

last but not least, to those of you who made a contribution to the KIRK RUNDSTROM CANCER FOUNDATION, on behalf of WICHITA, KS, we thank you for your continual support for a beloved friend and local musicain. 

Mr. Kirk Rundstrom  Mr. Wayne Gottstine
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chicago, empty bottle, 1-13-07 [14 Jan 2007|05:57pm]

scroat belly show!
the show was, of course, completely awesome. kirk looks good and jeff was there too, selling very cool merch. wayne = just amazing. woa.
the opening band was also good - devil in a woodpile - which i guess plays all the time downtown but i've never heard of them before. i'll have to go to one of their wednesday night shows because they were really good.
goodies i got were the *new* Split Lip Rayfield CD (best of) which has some awesome tracks on it including BISCUITS (makes me smile) and the Scroat Belly 1995 re-master.

next for me is Drakkar Sauna - not sure if that fits the screendoor genre - that's the 21st.

pictures behind cut
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blibber [02 Jan 2007|02:58pm]

NYE show at Subterranian, Chicago with Th' Legendary Shack Shakers was pretty darn tasty. The openers, The Saps, were not to my liking but I wouldn't say they were awful. The 2nd opener, Scott H Birham, http://www.scottbiram.com/, rocked it out for quite a while, nearly taking the 5-4-3-2-1-woo from the Shack Shakers. I picked up one of his CD's which I haven't listened to yet, but I pretty much liked the sounds he was making. The Shack Shakers opened up with the NYE Countdown, we threw some cheap champagne around, and then they got into it. The 'crowd' cleared out at about 12:30 am - it was a small venue and not at all a big turnout - but everyone who stayed on to the end seemed to have a delightful time (those who didn't pass out, vomit, or loose their glasses anyway). I will admit, i wimped out and stayed about 20 feet away from the stage - if you've seen the Shack Shakers you know why.
No pics, unfortunatley, though i did get the face of the 'countdown' clock after it was smashed and thrown into the audience.

Next for me is the Scroat Belly show on 1/13/06.
Also, new Split Lip Rayfield shows have been added for the midwest - and a DVD is supposedly in the works.
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Leslie and the Badgers [21 Nov 2006|11:26am]


I'd like to recommend Leslie and the Badgers.


They're my favorite alt-country band out today, and my wife's.

And Leslie's a sweetheart.

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newbie [14 Nov 2006|11:52pm]

[ mood | listless ]

Hello all. I'm new to the lj scene and absolutely ecstatic to find a community that seems to love slr and bluegrass as much as I do. Just thought I'd say howdy.


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